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TransformersSUPER-VIEW   is a leading name in single phase step-down voltage conversion and control transformers since last 30 years.
We manufacture wide variety of EI Lamination transformers in different sizes (from 17no to 8B) and different VA ratings (from 3VA to 2000VA) for our clients in electronics and electrical Industry.

We Also manufacture Ferrite Transformers and Drum Coils for various Clients as per custom design and specifications for use in SMPS and Telecommunication Industry.

We can deliver high volume production with tight tolerance and consistent quality every time because of our CNC winding setup, QC Checks and Test of various technical parameters on Test bench for every manufactured transformer by well trained Staff.

At SUPER-VIEW Quality and Customer Satisfaction has been our main driving force for our excellent product performance .
Ferrite Transformers & Drum Coils
Ferrite TransformerWe manufacture various Forms and Types of Ferrite components like Ferrite Transformers in different forms & Sizes EE13, EE16, EE20, EE25, EF25, EE30, EI28, EI33, EE42/9, EE42/15, ETD, PQ, Drum Coils in 6x8, 8x10, 10x12 etc and Common Mode Chokes in U10 and U15 as per custom design and specifications.
EI Lamination Transformers
Voltage Conversion Transformers (Domestic 220v)
Transformer-VC     SUPER-VIEW  makes Standard Voltage Conversion Transformers from 220v input to different single voltage outputs like 3v, 6v, 9v, 12v, 18v, 24v, 48v, 60v, 90v etc in different current ratings like 250mA, 500mA, 750mA, 1a, 2a, 3a, 5a, 10a, 15a etc for use in domestic equipments and electronic items. We also make dual voltage output and multiple voltage output transformers as per client requirement.
CONTROL Transformers (Industrial)
Transformer - CP    SUPER-VIEW  makes Industrial grade control Transformers for output of 12v and 24v from 230v input single phase and two phase (440v) in different capacities like 50VA, 100VA, 250VA etc for use in Industrial control panels.
   We also make industrial grade voltage conversion & control Transformers as per custom design and specifications for various customised client needs.
STEP-DOWN (220v-110v) / STEP-UP (110v-220v) Transformers
Transformer - SD    SUPER-VIEW  makes Voltage Conversion Transformers for use of 110v equipments (US Standard) on 220v (Indian Standard) and Vice versa. This range comprises of 100VA, 200VA, 350VA, 500VA, 1kVA, 1.5kVA and 2kVA standard capacity with proper housing and input output fused connectors.
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