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SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)
At SUPER-VIEW   we manufacture many forms & types of high quality SMPS for use in various applications catering Domestic, Commercial & Industrial environment.
These SMPS are specially designed to endure rough Indian power condition and give optimum protection to the equipments for which they are used at a very good price to performance ratio.
All SMPS design incorporates all the latest technological advancements to deliver best performance in various technical terms like Load & Line regulation, Power conversion efficiency etc.
Technical Features :
Smart IC based Flyback SMPS design for optimum performance.
Ultra Low Ripple output at full Load.
Good output voltage Load and line regulation.
Output short circuit and overload protection.
Over temprature thermal shutdown.
Green SMPS , very low standby power consumption.
Very good Power Conversion efficiency > 80%.
High quality components and glass epoxy pcb.
Standard SMPS Product Series
MS BOX SMPS seriesSUPER-VIEW MS BOX SMPS series power supplies are high quality industrial grade power supplies housed in powder coated MS Box for various application in Industrial Control Panels, Machinery, Fire Control Panels, CCTV, access controls and Security Systems, These power supplies are designed to withstand harsh Indian power conditions and give excellent and consistent performance under hot & humid environment for very long period.
SVMB - 12v Series
    SVMB - 12v series is available in 1a, 2a, 3a & 5a output current ratings. It is most suitable for use in CCTV surveillance industry, Access controls, EM Locks, Bolt Locks, Biometric scanners, Control panels, Relay drivers etc.
SVMB - 24v Series
   SVMB - 24v series is available in 500mA, 1a, 2a & 5a output current ratings. It is most suitable for use in Fire Control panels, Industrial Control Panels, Relay drivers, Solenoid Valves, Industrial Machinery etc.
SUPER-VIEW SMPS Adaptors are high durability off-line step-down dc power adaptors meant for Domestic & Commercial electronic items like cord-less phones, CATV set-top boxes, ADSL Modems & Routers, Network Switches, Video door phones, hand held chargeable test equipments, portable power tools, emergency lights and many more items.

Available Standard Models :
    5v USB for Smart Phones, 3.3v @ 2a, 5v @ 1a, 7.5v @ 1a, 9v @ 1a, 12v @ 1a
SMPS Adaptors
We also manufacture specially designed CVCC SMPS Adaptor  battery chargers for portable equipments with Dual Charging State     Indicator for various types of Battery Chemistry like SLA, Ni-Cd, Ni-Mh, Lion and Li Polymer as per client requirements.
Customised Design & OEM SMPS Solution
open SMPS PCBWe also provide customized SMPS design service and OEM manufacturing solution for special client requirement of SMPS for use and integration of SMPS in their equipments as per their needs.

We also Manufacture wide input range (90v - 270v ac) SMPS as per client requirement.
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